Africa Moves is looking for African startups to showcase them on a global scale - Post image

Africa Moves is looking for African startups to showcase them on a global scale

The entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa, especially the technology-focused and enabled, is relatively new, nevertheless, a revolution has already begun and the continent holds a significant place in the global startup scene.

Africa has become a hotbed for investment in startups as evidenced by the record high funding of $725.6 million across 458 deals in 2018 – a 300% increase compared to 2017 according to a report by WeeTracker. Africa’s growth is projected to be higher than that of other emerging and developing countries according to the African Development Bank (AfDB).

The Africa Moves Campaign is timely because not enough is happening to beam lights on the African startups’ success story for the rest of the world to see, appreciate and join in.

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Showcasing African startups under a single and massive campaign on a global scale as Africa Moves, would increase the visibility of their founders, facilitate their access to angel and other investors for mentorship, linkages and funding as well as amplify their awareness of the endless possibilities available to them while enjoying great networking opportunities.

It is noteworthy that Africa Moves includes African startups owned or led by Africans in the Diaspora, seeking to motivate their founders and upcoming entrepreneurs based abroad to embrace the possibilities of remotely contributing to the growth and development of Africa.

As the African Startup Ecosystem develops and expands, Africa Moves initiative is an important
element in advancing the dynamism. I’m looking forward with our diverse team to selecting the best
startups on the continent for this initiative.”

Rodrigue Fouafou
VP of Growth and President of the Startups Selection Committee of Africa Moves

The differentiated broader focus and coverage of Africa Moves beyond geographical boundaries will unleash more disruptive innovative solutions to Africa where challenges currently exist. Furthermore, Africa Moves events have shown great promise with supporting startups and are therefore envisaged to not just encourage experience exchange but lead to healthy competition and more importantly, collaboration in the further development of the continent.

What a befitting name, Africa Moves! The continent will no doubt be impacted by this campaign and its
initiatives when successfully delivered and sustained. Please join the movement and make great things

Hauwa Yabani
Member, Startups Selection Committee of Africa Moves

Africa Moves has taken off as a yearly campaign that will evolve to embody other value-creating components that will surely bode well for the African continent and improve the quality of life within.