Zimbabwe’s Africabookings closes USD 250K early seed round, expands across Africa

Africabookings screenshot
Congrats to VC4Afica listed hotel booking startup Africabookings! The company secured a new USD 25K seed investment from United States based Travel Startups Incubator and with this they closed their USD 250K early seed round! The company now opened a new round of funding on VC4Africa, investors should check out their venture profile.

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Founded in 2014, UK incorporated, with an administrative office in Harare, Zimbabwe, Africabookings offers B2B distribution of thousands of lodges and hotels across 19 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, including South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Mauritius. The new funding will enable Africabookings to expand its electronic bed-bank offerings as it strives to become the leading hotel wholesaler in sub-Saharan Africa.

Aiming to promote the growth of tourism in Africa, and make local hotels accessible to today’s digital consumer, Africabookings works closely with partner hotels and travel services to ensure good deals for both regional and international travelers. Africabookings aims to offer the best choice and rates in mid to high-end hotels, as well as for services in areas mostly untrodden by the travel scene. Africabookings also aims to have a positive impact on the regional travel and hospitality industry by growing the demand for tourism services across Africa.

“The fact that we have our office in Zimbabwe, and the importance of the online sphere to the emerging African travel industry, has helped us grow quickly and offer our travelers one of the most comprehensive travel services in this largely untouched part of the world.”

“The support, mentorship and advice that we’ve received from Travel Startups Incubator has already helped us focus on business-critical aspects that ensure our successful growth,” says Africabookings CEO, Bruce Tapping.

Florida-based Travel Startups Incubator invests in travel tech companies around the world. Via its four to six month online incubator service, they provide ventures with initial seed-stage capital as well as business advice, mentoring, and legal and business development.

“Africa’s potential for growth in this industry is huge,” says Travel Startups Incubator Founder Matt Zito. “From a regional travel perspective and international one, the demand for quality tourism destinations and services that offer more than a stereotypical safari is growing everyday. The continent has cultural tourism, beautiful beaches, friendly people and easy access to European markets. As an incubator we are extremely excited to have Africabookings in our portfolio of startups leading the industry in this region.”

Investors should check out Africabookings’ venture profile, where the company opened a new round of fundraising. Only investors who registered a VC4Africa Pro Account can get access to private documents and all other details of the ventures, and express their interest to invest.