DEMO Africa alumni company Weza Tele acquired by AFB for over 1 million USD

Weza Tele Limited, the company behind the product MyOrder, launched at DEMO Africa 2012 by entrepreneur Hilda Moraa and listed on VC4Africa, has been acquired for over USD 1 million. Congrats to the Weza Tele team!!

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Check out the video of CEO and co-founder Hilda Moraa presenting ‘MyOrder’ at Demo Africa 2012:

The launch of Weza Tele’s product MyOrder in Kenya has given users an easy way to place and receive orders from their mobile phones for the delivery and pickups of products. Weza Tele quickly grew as a leading provider of innovative value added mobility solutions in commerce, supply chain, distribution and mobile payment integration, with experience in several countries across Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nigeria among others.

Weza Tele was incubated at the Nailab. NaiLab founder and CEO Sam Gichuru shared on Facebook “We are happy to officially announce that MyOrder was acquired for over 100,000,000. Its not everyday you know a 26 year old CEO in Kenya who builds and sells a company for that much”. (100 million Kenyan shilling is around 1 million USD – ed.)

Weza Tele Ltd announced they are now part of AFB, an organisation providing credit access to customers in Africa with a range of financial products, including mobile loans and retail credit cards. Weza Tele said that over the next few months they will be in the process of transitioning and integrating with AFB group.

Weza Tele recently was awarded the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Entrpreneurial Company of the Year Award, based on an analysis of the Kenyan Mobility Solutions market. Frost & Sullivan praise Weza Tele’s innovative supply chain solutions for SME’s in the informal sector using basic mobile technology. “Weza Tele has excelled in an untapped market by tailoring flexible solutions for the small scale supply chain sector. It offers a cost-effective solution to address the challenges faced by SME’s in the supply chain industry and provides valuable tools to drive their sales and marketing,” Frost & Sullivan concluded.

Check out 4 key lessons for Africa’s tech startup entrepreneurs Hilda Moraa shared on VC4Africa earlier.

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