VC4Africa launches new partner tool to support organizations targeting African startups

VC4Africa Partners
Looking for a way to reach out to the African startup community and get the best entrepreneurs to apply to your program? VC4Africa, a startup finance platform serving the fastest growing community of African entrepreneurs and investors, launches a new tool to promote partner opportunities to entrepreneurs part of its community.

Event organizers, competition organizers, corporations, foundations, accelerators, incubators, investment funds and other startup ecosystem players can now publish branded promo pages on the VC4Africa platform and use these pages to launch their campaigns and collect applications from entrepreneurs across Africa. Partner Pages are a great way to launch and promote events, programs and campaigns and to engage with the VC4Africa community in an interactive way.

Organizations who were among the first to use VC4Africa’s Partner Pages for sourcing applications include HIVOS and the Cameroon Angels Network (CAN). Rebecca Enonchong of CAN explains: ‘Cameroon Angels Network is a very new organization. When we launched our #YouCAN campaign, we turned to the VC4Africa platform. We were able to create and manage the entire application process with just a few clicks. The support from VC4Africa was priceless.’

Leo Soldaat of HIVOS, launching the Green Pioneer Accelerator Program in partnership with VC4Africa, adds: ‘VC4Africa increasingly serves as an entry point to the ecosystem of African entrepreneurship. VC4Africa is a valuable partner, building a key resource for the ecosystem.’ The tool will also be used for the DEMO Africa 2015 applications process – selecting Africa’s best tech innovations to launch at a big annual event.

Partner Page creation

Organizations creating a partner page get a unique URL with the company and program name ( and can customize the page to fit their brand guidelines. The page owner can moderate the content at any time, which gives partners full control over the way their organisation and programs are represented to the VC4Africa community.

Multiple campaigns with customized application forms can be launched from one partner page, which is convenient for organizations offering various opportunities on an ongoing basis. Importantly, partners are able to build a network of followers who are notified about their latest activities and new campaigns, and to create a meaningful track record for their initiatives by displaying their alumni ventures and tracking their progress over time. Other useful features of partner pages include video embedding, listing team members, specifying sector and country focus, setting up program timeline and more. VC4Africa entrepreneurs can perform an intelligent search on all these criteria to easily discover opportunities that suit them best and apply with one click of a button.

There are no costs involved in publishing a partner page or for using the tool to collect applications. However, organizations looking to get more out of their pages can consider a VC4A Pro Partner Package for many extra options and support. VC4Africa can feature partner pages across the website for more visibility and boost the outreach through its social media channels, the VC4Africa blog, community newsletters and more.

Existing partners

Many incubators, accelerators, competitions and other African ecosystem players have already opened their VC4Africa Partner Pages, including MEST, ALN Ventures, CTIC Dakar, SeedStars World, Village Capital, YALI Network, Innoventures, ActivSpaces, Cairo Angels, The Office, Ampion, African Innovation Foundation, Orange, Citi, HIVOSForbes, Impact Hub, Mara Mentor, Startup MENA, IDEA Nigeria, KLAB, IceAddis, Impact Amplifier, Hello Tomorrow, The District and others.

Alina Vinogradova, Partnerships Manager at VC4Africa, comments: “We certainly look forward to welcome more partners presenting opportunities for entrepreneurs on the VC4Africa platform. With 20,000 members, 2,500 registered ventures, 25,000 unique visitors per month, and 40,000 followers on Twitter, our outreach in the African startup space is significant! And we’re happy to offer the outreach support to make partner campaigns a success. ”

Who can register a promo page?

– Accelerators / Incubators / Co-working spaces;
– Angel Groups / VCs / Impact Funds;
– Innovation Hubs / FabLabs / Hacker Maker Spaces;
– Event & Competition Organizers;
– Corporations / Service Providers;
– Foundations;
– Public Sector Initiatives.

Please contact VC4Africa for advice if you feel that your organization is an important startup ecosystem player in Africa but doesn’t fall into any of these categories.

Entrepreneur perspective

When developing the tool, the VC4Africa team above all had an entrepreneur perspective in mind. VC4Africa’s vision is to present all the best opportunities existing for African entrepreneurs in one place, to make the discovery and application process easy. An overwhelming number of new programs, each with separate and lengthy application process, unintentionally distract entrepreneurs from building great companies. Let’s face it, quite often putting together a great application can take a couple of hours. Multiply that by 20 opportunities and as a founder you have found yourself a new full time job. VC4Africa believes there is a smarter and more efficient way to go about this.

According to Ben White, VC4Africa founder, ‘Entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of time and our job is to make their life easier. There are so many opportunities out there, and sure the entrepreneur wants to throw their hat into the ring for each one of them, but this should be possible with just a click of a button. Not a hundred forms that take an hour each…. We can do so much better as an industry. Rather let the entrepreneur focus on putting together one great venture profile and then use this to access a growing number of programs and opportunities. The history and traction are there, so for selections committees or investors the job gets easier by the day.”

For more information on the Partner Pages and our VC4A Pro Partner Package, please contact the VC4Africa team via

Entrepreneurs looking for opportunities (accelerators, competitions & challenges) should check out the VC4Africa partner pages for open and upcoming programs!