Over 35 #VC4Africa #GEW2014 meetups worldwide on November 20th – Last chance to add your own city too

Global VC4Africa Meetup
Over 35 meetups have already been confirmed in Africa, Europe, the US and Asia, on Thursday the 20th of November. You have until Wednesday, November 5th to sign up as a host and add your own city too! (see the form below)

On the evening of Thursday, November 20th, the VC4Africa community will host a global dialogue on African entrepreneurship and investment as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2014. Local entrepreneurs, angels and VC investors building great companies in Africa are brought together by VC4Africa members in their own cities all across the world. Last year we were able to attract 2000 people at meetups in 26 cities in 20 countries. This year we’re looking for an even bigger outcome!

Meetups have already been confirmedin Abidjan, Accra, Addis Ababa, Amsterdam, Bamako, Benoni, Birmingham, Blantyre, Brussels, Buea, Bujumbura, Bukavu, Cairo, Cotonou, Dar es Salaam, Douala, Frankfurt, Harare, Johannesburg, Kampala, Lagos, London, Los Angeles, Lusaka, Nairobi, New York, Nuremberg, Pretoria, Port Harcourt, San Francisco, Singapore, Windhoek, Yaoundé, and many more are in the works! All meetups are hosted by local VC4Africa members.

See the full list of confirmed meetups on the VC4Africa GEW 2014 partner page! If you don’t see your city listed yet and you want to help organize a local meetup on November 20th in your own city yoo, please complete the form below and join our global network of meetup organizers. After completing the form a representative from VC4Africa will respond to you shortly. If you want to add your city, you have one week left (until November 5th) to sign up! (see the form below)

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Discussions around the world

The VC4Africa meetups serve as a networking venue where VC4Africa members and supporters meet face to face to share thoughts and ideas. There are no speeches and no agenda which allows for lots of networking and info swapping. Local meetup hosts pick a local bar or location to get together on the evening of the meetup. All is arranged without budget, people who want to join just come to the meetup location and pay for their own drinks.

Thursday November 20th is this year’s Global Business Angels Day (GBAD), part of both the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) and Business Angels Week (BAW). One central question will play a role at all the local VC4Africa meetups on November 20th: “What do you see as actions to take (as an individual or with the wider community) to multiply investments in African startups over the next year?” VC4Africa will collect the output from across the world. See some initial input from hosts around the world below and sign up to join the discussion!

Buea host pic-s
BUEA – “With the wider community in Africa we need to be braver, more passionate, take more economic policy- risks to achieve sustainable projects and other accomplishments within good time.”

Bujumbura host pic-s
BUJUMBURA – “I would request the Burundian government and their development partners to fully consider and support entrepreneurship at all levels as one of the most effective means to struggle against youth unemployment and poverty in our communities.”

Bukavu host pic-s
BUKAVU – “I would personally suggest the creation of seed investment funds for African young entrepreneurs to enable them to transform their dreams into reality and thus help make a difference in their community.”

Cotonou host pic-s
COTONOU – “We need to start by thinking more global and less local, so we can involve more investors.”

Dar es salaam host pic (Lillian)-s
DAR ES SALAAM – “African startups should make sure to have viable plans and good management in place, and we need to make a call for angel investors to take their role in changing the African business sphere: we have influential and successful people within our communities who can invest in African startups.”

Douala host pic-s
DOUALA – “Investments in Africa are sometimes non-existent due to the low quality of innovations. African startups must create innovative, disruptive products and services to attract more investment ”

Frankfurt host pic-s
FRANKFURT – “Africans in the Diaspora are keen to be part of Africa’s economic growth, but many do not know where to start. They can play a significant role in financing African business ventures they are interested in. Germany has a big African Diaspora Community, but the majority is not engaged in doing business back home. I think it is time to change that.”

Harare host pic-s
HARARE – “Let’s create investor confidence, increasing our chances of getting identified as a good investment, bringing more investments to Africa.”

NY host pic (Anie)-s
NEW YORK – “As Africa continues to grow, its imperative that the Diaspora have access, knowledge and information in order for them to participate in Africa’s future. As a Nigerian-American, assisting in hosting this event, I feel that I am helping to build a bridge between the diaspora and Africa.”

Pretoria pic innovation hub-s
PRETORIA – “In South Africa, we need to expand access to investment through the introduction of innovative funding models that are less onerous than the traditional venture capital screening and due diligence process”

San Francisco host pic-s
SAN FRANCISCO – “I’d like to see the Silicon Valley investor community more engaged with the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa.”

Singapore host pic-s
SINGAPORE – “Interest in Africa from Singapore is growing quickly as investors recognise the similarities between South East Asia and Africa; and the potential rewards from getting into the African market early.”

Windhoek host pic-s
WINDHOEK – “We in Africa are ready to take on the challenges related to investors. We have more than enough startups that could bring change to the continent’s economic status. With the right directions the continent could be a leader in economic growth.”

Sign up to attend!

Below and on VC4Africa’s GEW partner page you can sign up to attend one of the already confirmed meetups:

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See the full list of confirmed meetups and if you don’t see your city listed yet, please sign up with the form in this article to host a meetup in your city too!