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These past couple of months we have had a lot of exciting VC4Africa meetups taking place around the globe. In July VC4Africa was in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire for the very first time! The past weeks we also had events in London, Kampala, Nairobi, Mansoura and Amsterdam.

VC4Africa meetups have been hosted in more than 100 cities across the globe, and on November the 20th – in Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014 – local VC4Africa members all over the world will organize a big number of meetups on the same night! For Thursday November 20th meetups are already confirmed in 20 cities, and we hope this will be more than doubled. Why would you join and organize a VC4Africa meetup in your city? Below some experiences shared by recent meetup hosts.

See impressions from some meetups below or see more photos on VC4Africa’s Flickr page &  Instagram page.
(From left: Abidjan, Mansoura & Amsterdam)

Host’s thoughts

We asked our meetup hosts if they could shed some light on the entrepreneurs’ and investors’ scene in their city. This is what they had to say.

– Kampala, Jantien: “The Business environment in Kampala is striving with emerging entrepreneurs amid competitors and innovations in different ventures. Investing in Uganda comes with its challenges and opportunities especially with regards to identify potential areas of investment, and knowing the business environment. There are various interest groups converging to Uganda to invest in light or extractive industries, while others are into equity and merger conglomerations. Generally there are good business prospects here, though it’s advisable to study relevant measures, before venturing.”

– Nairobi, Jasper & Sandra: “The scene in Nairobi is one of the most vibrant in Africa. Even for those deeply involved in the start-up scene, every week brings new and interesting companies, initiatives, meetings and opportunities. For me one of the most interesting aspects is that there is a significant start up culture outside the incubators/hubs, DEMOs and Pivot Easts.”

Why would you organize a VC4Africa meetup? See what some of the hosts had to say about this.

– Meetup London, Lanre: “I am personally passionate about emerging opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa. I am keen on promoting this through the commercial channel on the platform of my company and also any social platform that helps transform the lives of Africans. I see VC4Africa as pat of the ideal platform to achieving this. Furthermore, it is also great to use its network and thereby creating meaningful business relationships.”

– Meetup Nairobi: “I like VC4Africa and I like to help local entrepreneurs. And even though I am neither an entrepreneur nor an investor, I always meet a couple of very interesting people.  Moreover, at every VC4Africa meetup I have ever been to, I always found 2-3 interesting people with whom I usually meet up again within 48 hours after the event to discuss more in depth. For me that is a great event output. And thanks to the great support from the VC4A team, organizing a meetup is a breeze.”

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(From left: Kampala, London & Nairobi)

We would like to thank all of our hosts for organizing wonderful, inspiring meetups! Thank you Bacely, Lanre, Jasper, Sandra, Jantien & Hatem!

Initiate your own meetup

We invite you to join the upcoming Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrations movement and initiate your own meetup on November 20th! Meetups have already been confirmed in AccraAddis AbabaAmsterdamBenoniBlantyreBueaCairo, Harare, Kampala, LagosLos AngelesNairobiNew YorkNurembergSan Francisco, and many more are in the works! See the list of confirmed meetups to check if there’s already a meetup organized in your city, and if not, please sign up to help host one! All meetups are hosted by local VC4Africa members.

Complete the form below to register your interest to participate in this global event and join our growing network of meetup organizers. After completing the form a representative from VC4Africa will respond to you shortly. See the full list of confirmed meetups on the VC4Africa GEW 2014 partner page!


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