Top 40 startups selected for DEMO Africa 2014

DEMO AfricaWe are pleased to announce the 40 entrepreneurs selected to launch at this year’s DEMO Africa conference, to be held in Lagos, Nigeria, on September 22 – 26. DEMO Africa is a must-attend event for both investors, entrepreneurs, tech media & others looking for Africa’s ‘next big thing’. You can book your tickets online now or join as a V.I.P. if you are an investor.

This year DEMO Africa will again launch 40 of the most innovative start-ups in Africa and highlight some of the best new technology innovations from across the continent. The 40 finalists have gone through three rigorous screening processes with the final vetting and adjudication done by a pan-African panel of judges comprised of entrepreneurs, VCs and academia. The judges included Dele Akinsade, Bob Mbori, Victor Okigbo, Lukonga Lidunda, Martin Butler, Rebecca Enonchong, Stephen Gugu, Ali Hussein, Muchiri Nyaga, Toby Shapshak, Moses Sitati and Richard Tanksley.

More than 400 serious applications were processed in lead to this event. These were then short listed to 242 ventures before a selection of the final 40 was made. The ventures are addressing opportunities in Agriculture, Health, Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Media & Entertainment, Communication, Transport and Logistics, Energy, Finance & Banking, Water & Sanitation, and Waste Management & Recycling. On September 25 & 26, these 40 entrepreneurs will present their plans to a global audience of investors, media, strategic buyers, C-level executives, and other entrepreneurs.

Nigeria takes the largest chunk of the final 40, followed by Kenya, Ghana and Egypt. Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa and Ethiopia will each have two representatives, while Tunisia, Benin, Cameroon, Uganda and Zimbabwe have earned their space at the DEMO Africa platform.

The team at DEMO Africa, and everyone part of the VC4Africa community, would like to congratulate the selected entrepreneurs for their achievement!

Here is an overview of the selected ventures. Click on the tiles to find out more.

 CONNECT FINANCE-1 .CONNECT FINANCE allows companies to manage their finances, create invoices, quotations, sales orders, payments etc. Tope Olutola Nigeria
ASiM-1 ASiM is an integrated tool with Quickbooks and SAP Business One to produce rich, real-time business intelligence. Mark Migue Mwaura Kenya
Chura-1 Chura allows interoperability betwen different mobile networks in a multi-SIM environment. Stephanie Gaku Kenya
Cribpark-1 Cribpark is a catalogue of home designs, a web shop, and projects management tool. Oladapo Ayodeji Nigeria
Cube-1 Cube enables anyone (whether individual or business entity) to accept card payments in person with their phone. Titi Obala Nigeria
Feedbackplus-1 Feedbackplus lets customers give feedback to different organizations online or through a mobile app. Omoniyi Falodun Nigeria
Foodstantly-1 Foodstantly an online marketplace which provides customers with fresh and cooked food + home delivery services. Uchay Ariolu Nigeria
Hutbay-1 Hutbay is a platform that helps real estate consumers find and share vital information about real estate, mortgages, and agents. Olatunji Owolabi Nigeria
Instacare-1 InstaCare enables real-time verification & authentication of beneficiary’s health insurance. Michael Ike Nigeria
Integrated Medics-1 Integrated Medics a web based application package to computerize any large scale hospital. Oladapo Gbenle Nigeria
IroFit-1 IroFit the only mobile card payment system that allows merchants to accept card payments without an internet connection. Omoniyi A. Olawale Nigeria
Jifunza-1 Jifunza provides everyone equal access to the learning, loving and LOLing that digital content offers. Derek Blair Rwanda
Kitiwa-1 Kitiwa helps ordinary Africans send and receive money using the bitcoin technology. Nikunj Handa Ghana Nigeria
LockName-1 LocName is an application that gives a short, unique name for your address, which you can share easily in just 2 seconds. Zeinab Alashry Egypt
matibabu-1 Matibabu is a phone application for early, non-invasive malaria diagnosis with a custom piece of hardware (Matiscope). Gitta Brian Uganda
mergims-1 Mergims is an online platform that will enable African immigrants to pay tuition fees, airtime and utility bills for their loves ones back home. Muhire Louis-Antoine Rwanda
Mjobs-1 MobileJobs (mjobs) powered by SOMTEC is a web and mobile job alert and recruitment services. Solomon Bleay Ethiopia
MuZik-1 MuZik is a virtual assistant for feature phones. Patrick Mveng Cameroon
MyeCampus-1 is an online teaching and learning platform. Cecil Nukator Ghana
Nerve-1 Nerve delivers cost-effective, higher quality and mobile convergent smart devices and services. Silas Okwocha Nigeria
Nikweli-1 Nikweli is a mobile-to-web job matching platform that connects employers and job seekers for lower skill, “blue collar” type positions. Tiffany Tong Tanzania
Online-Hisab-1 Online Hisab is a cloud based accounting package for Ethiopian SMEs who are looking for an affordable and easy to use solution. Asmeret Gebre Ethiopia
Oradian-1 Oradian is a cloud based core banking system for microfinance.  Antonio Separovic Nigeria
Paysail-1 Paysail is a simple way for busniesses and accountants to better manage payroll. Osborn Kwarteng Ghana
Pieride-1 PieRide is a ridesharing technology platform offering monthly subscription transportation service for daily commuters. Karim El Mansi Egypt
 Pliby-1 Pliby online platform for the African music lovers. Prudence Ogatcha Benin
Prepclass-1 Prepclass is an education technology company focused on local content for digital devices. Ogunlana Olomide Nigeria
Saisai-1 Saisai is a wireless mesh network distributing free access to wireless hotspots in public areas and public transportation. Christopher Alexander Manzero Zimbabwe
 Shamba-tecnologies-1 Shamba Technologies renewable technology company that designs domestic power products for families in Africa without power. Oliver Kynaston Tanzania UK
SmartPesa-1 SmartPesa allows merchants to accept credit card payments using a mobile phone. Comprising a low cost card reader, app and server-side processing. Barry Levett South Africa
 SoKoNect-1 SokoNect an agribusiness solution designed to shorten the distribution channels of agricultural produce while facilitating fast trade between farmers and their prospective buyers. Mbuvi Nyamai Kenya
Spacepointe-1 SpacePointe is an e-commerce marketplace which focuses on the African retailer. Sayu Abend Nigeria
SpellAfrica-Initiative-1 SpellAfrica Initiative is a set of proprietary apps for all smartphone operating systems. It is a softphone running on your current smartphone. Elvis Austins Nigeria
Tekecosys-1 Telecosys delivers innovative software solutions for Tech-based service providers including Telecom operators, Internet Service Providers, Cloud-based service providers, and pay TV. Mohamed Esmat Egypt
 The pearldream Inc-1 The Pearl Dream Inc is a digital collection of African stories for kids and eCommerce retail site for animation inspired items. Brian Asingia Kenya
TrafficBytes-1 TrafficBytes is a solution which allows mobile operators and telecom vendors to leverage existing big data and provide realtime accurate roads traffic information. Mohamed Hussein Egypt
Vuluraha-1 Valuraha Trader is a platform that simulates the African Financial Markets, enabling one to interact with various investment instruments under actual market conditions using virtual money. Betty Mutimba Kenya
Vigo-1 VIGO is a fully responsive website building tool allowing African entrepreneurs and business owners to create their own websites from any device, including a feature phone. Carl Wallace South Africa
VoTo Mobile-1 VOTO Mobile is a mobile phone notification and survey platform. Kevin Schuster Ghana
WhatIn-1 What’sIn™ mobile application platform service allows consumers with chemical allergies to instantly find the correct information when they scan a product UPC. Wassim Zoghlami Tunisia

Want to see these companies present on stage? 

You can now book your tickets for the DEMO Africa event, to be held in Lagos, Nigeria, on September 22-26. DEMO Africa is the premier platform for the best and brightest companies throughout the continent seeking to launch their products in front of a global audience. VC4Africa represents the largest community of entrepreneurs building innovative early stage companies. DEMO Africa is the flagship initiative of the Liberating Innovation in Opportunity Nations (LIONS@FRICA) partnership, an innovative partnership aimed at enhancing and deepening startup and innovation ecosystems of fast-growing African economies.