VC4Africa members pitch at Angel Fair in Lagos, conversations continue at the AVCA Conference

This week a number of VC4Africa members pitched at the Angel Fair West Africa, and conversations continued at the Annual Congress of AVCA (the African Venture Capital and Private Equity Association).

Meet the entrepreneurs who pitched at Angel Fair: Seed Capital selection and VC/GC/PE selection. Both events took place in Lagos, Nigeria. See some pictures below. Check back later to see more updates added to this article.

About 100 early stage investors and SME entrepreneurs from within and outside Africa came together at Angel Fair West Africa to talk about deals last weekend, March 29th to 31st. Then on April 1st and 2nd, hundreds of PE investors and other delegates, representing hundreds of billions of dollars in assets under management, came together at Africa’s largest private equity gathering worldwide: the AVCA Conference, in Lagos too. VC4Africa was there and below we share some of what happened.

On Saturday, the Angel Fair West Africa selected SME entrepreneurs started with a preparation day, to practice their pitches. See the Seed Capital selection and VC/GC/PE selection of the entrepreneurs.


Saturday evening, March 29, a VC4Africa meetup was organized where entrepreneurs, investors and others – both those in town for the Angel Fair event and AVCA Conference and from the local VC4Africa community in Lagos – came together for some informal networking.


Sunday, March 30th was the first day of the Angel Fair West Africa, where seed stage companies pitched. See the list of entrepreneurs who pitched this day.


In addition to the pitches, each day inspiring entrepreneur panels and investor panels were organized at the Angel Fair.

See the entrepreneurs who pitched on the second day of Angel Fair West Africa. The second day of Angel Fair was opened by Nigeria’s Trade Minister Aganga, who talked about the ways Nigeria aims to support startup entrepreneurs. After this day the minister went to the EU-Africa Summit in Brussels.


After two days of piches, the Angel Fair West Africa was closed. Keep an eye on the VC4Africa blog to hear updates on what happens next!

Tuesday, April 1st, Africa’s largest private equity gathering worldwide opened in Lagos: the Annual Conference of the African Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (AVCA). While many of the investors present at the AVCA Conference are focused on multi million up to a billion dollars deals, the conference also featured a panel session focused specifically on the SME investment segment, and discussed other points very relevant for the VC4Africa community of early stage investors and SME entrepreneurs.