VC4Africa Meetup at Angel Fair West Africa in Lagos, Saturday 29th!

On Saturday March 29th a special VC4Africa meetup is organized in Lagos, at the Angel Fair West Africa event, in the weekend before this year’s AVCA Conference (African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association’s Annual Congress).

Sign up if you want to join this special VC4Africa meetup in Lagos! The meetup will start at 6:00 PM and will be hosted at The Blowfish Hotel, Lagos. The meetup intends to bring together both the attendants of Angel Fair West Africa and the AVCA Conference, and the wider VC4Africa community across Lagos!

VC4Africa meetups are organized by local members of the VC4Africa community, as networking events of entrepreneurs, investors and others, to meet face to face and share thoughts and ideas. There are no speeches; no agenda and nothing planned which allows for lots of networking and info swapping. It’s open for all and everyone pays for their own drinks. See the global series of VC4Africa meetups we organized in Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013. And see the report of an earlier VC4Africa meetup in Lagos. 

Also see the interview we had with Eric Osiakwan on Angel Fair West Africa, and the article “Start-up attention shifts from Kenya to Lagos”, to learn more about the Angel Fair and AVCA events in Lagos.

Want to join this special VC4Africa meetup at Angel Fair West Africa on Saturday March 29th in Lagos? Please sign up here: – Looking forward to seeing you there!