DEMO Africa participants now fundraising on VC4Africa

Last week, 40 top innovators from all across Africa launched their products at DEMO Africa 2013 before investors, media, strategic buyers and others attendants from around the world. Check out some of the 40 entrepreneurs who are presently fundraising on VC4Africa below! Investors who registered a VC4Africa Pro Account can get access to documents and other relevant information for the listed companies, and also for other companies fundraising on the VC4Africa platform. All entrepreneurs with VC4Africa venture profiles can apply to go into fundraising mode (see more info below). Click on the venture names below to find out more about the companies!

The Able Wireless Company
 – Kenya

The Able Wireless Company provides an on-demand entertainment system and content delivery network that is localized to every single locale in the region. See their VC4Africa venture profile >>

 – Kenya 

SleepOut is East Africa’s most comprehensive hotel booking engine featuring 1,000+ options, listing all accommodation from beach huts to house rentals and all-inclusive resorts.’s unique sms-driven booking process connects both commercial and peer-to-peer hosts with guests and agents. See their VC4Africa profile >>

Save & Buy
 – Nigeria

Save & Buy is a web and mobile platform that enables the Nigerian consumer to save towards items they desire in an easy to use, fun and safe environment. See their VC4Africa venture profile >>


 – Nigeria 

OTGPlaya represents a radically innovative suite of consumer and enterprise technologies posed to revolutionize content acquisition and networking in Africa. See their VC4Africa profile >>

Karibu Solar Power
 – Tanzania 

KARIBU Solar Power is an innovative solar social enterprise that makes high quality solar power affordable, producing a modular solar lamp and more. See their VC4Africa profile >>

 – Kenya 

GMobile will bring very low calling rates to African Diaspora, especially in North America and Western Europe who pay a lot on calls to families and business partners in their respective home countries. GMobile provides VoIP on Mobile phones, adding value to data that Kenyans are buying from 3G/4G and WiFi providers. See their VC4Africa profile >>

Chamapesa (Dinero Savings System) 
– Kenya 

Dinero Social Savings System (Chamapesa) enables financial inclusion for people at the base of the pyramid. ChamaPesa gives savings clubs (chamas) the tools to issue and manage financial instruments which their members can access from their phones. In Kenya, 300,000 chamas save $4 billion per year. See their VC4Africa profile >>

DUMA Works
 – Kenya 

DUMA Works is an SMS-based recruiting service that connects employers with the top qualified job seekers in the DUMA network. DUMA Works matches match based on skill, geographic location, past employer reviews, and social network. See their VC4Africa profile >>

Basic Water Needs
 – Ethiopia

Basic Water Needs is recognized for its impact in the field of clean and safe drinking water for the Base of the Pyramid (BoP). The company has provided over 1 million people with clean and safe drinking water in over 30 countries, holds a network of more than 100 agents and its customers include Jica, Red Cross, USAID, Water Aid and Unicef. See their VC4Africa profile >>

Considering investing in one of these companies?

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VC4Africa’s investor network is the largest network of dedicated SME investors interested in supporting African based ventures. Entrepreneurs have already raised more than $2 million in funding through VC4Africa, and members have secured joint ventures and investments in countries as diverse as Cameroon, South Africa, the United States, Kenya, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Somalia and Zambia.

Entrepreneurs: Not in this list but also interested to raise capital through the VC4Africa platform?

When your venture is registered on the VC4Africa platform your venture is not automatically in “fundraising mode”: after registering your company, you have to apply to go into fundraising separately. Register an intention to raise a round of funding through the “Fundraising” box on the right side in your venture profile. In this box, click “Get started” and indicate your financing stage and capital needs (between USD $10,000 and USD $1 million).