Maker Faire co-founder Emeka Okafor on ‘making’, manufacturing and innovation in Africa

In the SmartMonkeyTV video above, Maker Faire Africa Co-Founder Emeka Okafor talks about the under-acknowledged role of the maker in Africa, where Maker Faires have taken place, the kinds of projects that came out of them, the differences between the Cairo and Lagos Maker Faires, the use of coding in projects and the future ambitions.

Maker Faires have been held in Accra, Nairobi, Cairo, Lagos to date. See some pictures from last year’s event in Lagos:

Check out the Maker Faire Africa blog for more. Also read an earlier article on VC4Africa on Makerspaces, incubators and accelerators by Erik Hersman.

Where do you think a new Maker Faire should be organized? What would your want to show? We welcome the community to share reactions, ideas and comments below!