Video pitches! Meet VC4Africa’s fundraising entrepreneurs (part 2)

Last week VC4Africa announced a Top 14 list of new fundraising entrepreneurs: VC4Africa’s June 2013 Cohort! Watch some great video pitches from a number of these entrepreneurs below (and also see Part 1).

 – Nigeria – Francis Onwumere – raising US$ 1,000,000

Prowork empowers businesses bringing project management and collaboration together on one platform and putting this in the hands of team members via mobile. “It’s like Microsoft’s Sharepoint and Asana but easier to use, and with real time collaboration everywhere on mobile.” See their VC4Africa profile >>

Ruby Cup – Kenya – Maxie Matthiessen – raising US$ 250,000

Ruby Cup is a menstrual cup, an innovative menstrual hygiene product made of 100% medical grade silicone that can be re-used up to 10 years. Ruby Cup is sold in Kenya through strategic retail outlets as well as to NGOs that target underprivileged girls and women. See their VC4Africa profile >>

 – Nigeria – Kevin Simmons – raising US$ 1,000,000

OTGPlaya represents a radically innovative suite of consumer and enterprise technologies posed to revolutionize content acquisition and networking in Africa. See their VC4Africa profile >>

Karibu Solar Power
 – Tanzania – Adam Camenzuli – raising US$ 150,000

KARIBU Solar Power is an innovative solar social enterprise that makes high quality solar power affordable, producing a modular solar lamp and more. See their VC4Africa profile >>

Chamapesa (Dinero Savings System) 
– Kenya – Ken Griffith – raising US$ 360,000

Dinero Social Savings System (Chamapesa) enables financial inclusion for people at the base of the pyramid. ChamaPesa gives savings clubs (chamas) the tools to issue and manage financial instruments which their members can access from their phones. In Kenya, 300,000 chamas save $4 billion per year. See their VC4Africa profile >>

DUMA Works
 – Kenya – Arielle Sandor – raising US$ 250,000

DUMA Works is an SMS-based recruiting service that connects employers with the top qualified job seekers in the DUMA network. DUMA Works matches match based on skill, geographic location, past employer reviews, and social network. See their VC4Africa profile >>

Also see Part 1 of the video pitches selection.For the full Top 14 list, see the full announcement of VC4Africa’s June Cohort entrepreneurs. To find out more about the selected ventures, visit their VC4Africa venture profile pages (follow the links above). Only investors registered on VC4Africa can get access to private documents and all other details of the ventures, and express their interest to invest. Over the next weeks and months, VC4Africa will introduce and follow the selected entrepreneurs in a series of articles.