Top 20 most viewed companies on VC4Africa – Africa’s SME platform offers entrepreneurs traffic analytics!

VC4Africa, Africa’s largest community of entrepreneurs and investors, launches a new tool for entrepreneurs who publish their company profile on see how many people viewed your venture! Check out the top 20 most viewed venture profiles since we launched this feature two weeks ago. Congratulations to the entrepreneurs!

1.  Qabila Media Productions (607 views)

2.  Kuza Mobile, Inc.(592 views)

3.  Farmerline (417 views)

4.  AGRO-HUB (404 views)

5.  Ujamaa (375 views)

6.  M-Payer (372 views)

7.  Firestring (359 views)

8.  mPawa (341 views)

9.  YoungRF (305 views)

10. Ecobuild Nigeria Limited (279 views)

11. Eneza Education (MPrep) (262 views)

12. RubiQube (249 views)

13. SOKO (SasaAfrica)(244 views)

14. Sanaga Technologies LTD (230 views)

15. QuickTicket (214 views)

16. (197 views)


18. Maliyo Games (179 views)

19. Mobiflock (177 views)

20. M-Kazi(162 views)

This top 20 of most viewed venture profiles is based on views as of May 25th (when we started counting) up to June 10th.

After signing up on VC4Africa you can create a venture profile to present your company to other entrepreneurs and (after going into fundraising mode) to investors. More than 600 ventures are presently published on VC4Africa.

How many people viewed your venture profile today, last week & last month? You can now see it all, through the new traffic analytics tool added to all venture profiles on VC4Africa.

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You have the tools in place to promote your venture. As your venture profile gains traction you build up a following on VC4Africa, a network of contacts that are useful when you are for example looking to hire an employee or when it is time to raise a new round of funding. After going into fundraising mode on VC4Africa, your venture profile can be used to share secure documents with a selected group of Africa focused investors (see the 5 steps to fundraising on VC4Africa). Keep your fans up to date on your progress. Reach out to them when you or they have questions or when you are ready to celebrate a major milestone. The VC4Africa network is there to support you and people follow you because they want to find out more!

Looking to get more out of your VC4Africa profile? Check out a number of tips for building social traction for your venture on VC4Africa. Want to know more about how to get noticed by investors? Check out the 5 steps to fundraising on VC4Africa.