Global Forum awards 5 best innovators, VC4Africa member & DEMO Africa participant MPAYER wins second prize!


Congratulations to Greengar, Mpayer, Afroes, Amant Antenna and Mircoforrester! Yesterday these five were announced as the five best entrepreneurs with innovative and technology-based solutions at the Global Forum on Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship in South Africa. Special congratulations to VC4Africa member and DEMO Africa 2012 participant MPAYER, who won second prize!

The first prize was for Greengar from Vietnam for its innovative app that connects different mobile devices to enable real-time communication. The second prize went to VC4Africa member mPayer for their application that enables mobile transactions as well as cash. The third prize went to South Africa’s Afroes for its mobile applications delivering positive educational messages. Runners up were Amant Antennas from Egypt for its novel cellular-based antenna technology covering multiple frequency bands, and Microforester from Armenia for an app that tracks forestation projects.

The five were chosen from 50 top SME entrepreneurs from Africa and other continents who were selected to participate in a Dragons Den Pitching Competition at the Global Forum. An interview with mPayer will follow soon on VC4Africa.

mpayer MPAYER (ZEGE TECHNOLOGIES) – Kenya – Stella Njoki

Mpayer is a mobile and web application that enables businesses to manage their payment transactions using both Mobile Money (Mpesa, Airtel Money) and cash. Mpayer helps business owners to manage and view business activities including incomes and expenses, performance of various product/services and customer information. See their VC4Africa venture profile >>

DEMO Africa 2012 reunion

The top 50 entrepreneurs at the Global Forum were selected from a pool of winners from various competitions, such as DEMO Africa, GIST Transformers, African Diaspora Market- place, Cleantech Open, PitchITCaribbean, and infoDev Hackathons. For the selected participants from DEMO Africa 2012 the Global Forum in South Africa was a great opportunity to make new connections, but also re-connect with DEMO Africa friends.

VC4Africa member and DEMO Africa 2012 selected entrepreneur Toni Maraviglia from Mprep, who is presently working to scale to other African countries: “I’ve met some pretty amazing women entrepreneurs at this conference, for example Thuy from GreenGar and Perihan of Qabila in Egypt, who I originally met at DEMO Africa last year.”

VC4Africa member and DEMO Africa 2012 selected entrepreneur Vanessa Clark of Mobiflock, presently negotiating key partnerships to take Mobiflock to more children and parents: “The offers of future connections at the Global Forum have been phenomenal, the chance for meetings great, and the re-connecting with old friends – especially from DEMO Africa – have been awesome. The energy levels are high and excitement about Africa and the developing world in general is good news.”

VC4Africa member and DEMO Africa 2012 selected entrepreneur Alloysius Attah of Farmerline: “Before coming into this conference we as a company already had planned to scale our voice technology to five agricultural NGOs in Africa. Now we have started valuable conversations and connections at the Global forum that will help us make this possible.”

VC4Africa member and DEMO Africa 2012 selected entrepreneur Maxwell Donkor of Mpawa: “The next step for mPawa is to expand our reach fast across Africa and go on to achieve our goal of building the new LinkedIn for the African Blue collar worker and their employers.”

See below the full list of VC4Africa members and DEMO Africa 2012 selected entrepreneurs who were selected in the Global Forum’s top 20 short list. 


ENEZA EDUCATION (MPREP) – Kenya – Toni Maraviglia

MPrep helps kids learn, review, compete and collaborate through accessible and fun mobile applications. Over 8,000 users at over 400 Kenyan schools are using their tools, and impact studies show that MPrep helps students increase their exam scores in English, Math, Kiswahili, and Science more than the average student. See their VC4Africa venture profile >>


MTRACKER/FOMOBI – Kenya – Jacob Mwema

Fomobi is an integrated ICT firm that provides consulting and development services to corporations, NGOs, and governments. Their new application – mTracker – enables motorists and other asset owners to manage the security of their assets in an easy and user-friendly manner: mTracker provides car and fleet owners with real-time location tracking, engine on/off notifications, alarm alerts, fuel analysis, and over-speed alerts. See their VC4Africa venture profile >>


FARMERLINE – Ghana – Alloysius Attah

Farmerline supports farmers by providing improved information access, record keeping services and communication pathways for smallholder farmers and agricultural stakeholders. The company will enable farmers to run a profitable farming business, and other agricultural stakeholders to access efficient communication channels with farmers, resulting in more food production. Increases in crop quality and yield will raise farmer income, increase farmer autonomy, and address threats to food security. See their VC4Africa venture profile >>

 – Ghana – Maxwell Donkor

mPawa is a mobile recruitment platform that connects companies directly with blue collar workers in Africa using a mobile platform. mPawa is free for workers, who can create their personal profiles using mainly SMS, and then receive job notifications whenever prospective employers require the workers’ skill sets. See their VC4Africa venture profile >>

 – South Africa – Pieter Nel

Kuza is a mobile, location-based business platform that helps buyers and sellers in emerging markets to trade goods and services in their area. A user can create a website, mobi site and business cards right from his phone in about 5 minutes. Kuza’s micro-ads, also created right from the phone, are broadcast to an audience in the entrepreneurs’ area, allowing then to reach a wider market. See their VC4Africa venture profile >>


MOBIFLOCK – South Africa – Vanessa Clark

Mobiflock makes cell phones safe for children by giving parents the visibility and tools to manage their children’s phone use, and so protect them from harm. Mobiflock is a small app that sits on the child’s smartphone or tablet and provides parents – via web dashboard – with information on device use, including: contacts, calls and messages sent and received, applica- tions downloaded, websites accessed and so on. See their VC4Africa venture profile >>



Qabila is a media content creator that capitalizes on crowd- sourcing and digital media to provide clients with cost-effective content that reaches their target audience in an engaging and effective way. Qabila enriches Arabic content on the web through edutainment videos, songs, short movies or shows. See their VC4Africa venture profile >>

Most of the above mentioned VC4Africa members were amongst last year’s 40 DEMO Africa winners. Want to launch your product in front of a global audience? Over the next 2 months you can still apply to be a part of DEMO Africa 2013! And are you looking to raise funds? For VC4Africa’s June 2013 Cohort, the opportunity for Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs to raise capital, application closes Wednesday June 12th.