Special VC4Africa Meetup Lagos at Mobile Web West Africa a success

Last week, members and supporters of VC4Africa came together for a special VC4Africa meetup at Mobile Web West Africa in Lagos, Nigeria. We had a chance to catch up with organizer
Olisa Udezueto find out more. Keep an eye out on VC4Africa next week for more about the Mobile Web West Africa conference!

Please tell us something about the entrepreneurs’ and investors’ scene in Lagos?
“Lagos, Nigeria and Africa are experiencing an inspirational surge of young passionate entrepreneurs stepping forward across all industries, especially in tech, and disrupting the history of this continent forever.”

Why did you step forward to organize this meetup?
 always step up, that’s just the way I’m wired. Always transforming, innovating, partnering and improving.”

How did the event go?
“The event was fantastic. I got to the 4points venue by 5:30pm, and people started trooping in before 6pm!”

Around how many people attended and what were their backgrounds?
“My estimate is over 60 people. I met four investors and the rest business people and entrepreneurs.”

How was it bring both VC4Africa members and Mobile Web West Africa attendants together?
“The local VC4Africa members are the Mobile Web West Africa crowd! I introduced a young business man who manufactures black soap made from honey to two ecommerce platform services. I expect his products will be listed on two complimentary online platforms and hopefully he gets free advertising and increase in sales – everybody wins.”

Can you tell us about the most interesting person you met and why?
“In all honesty, the majority of the people I met were phenomenal. Different products with great potential. Most mobile apps from the younger developers where still at the freebie business model stage, just ready for an innovation to transform their fortunes. For instance some of the entrepreneurs lacked exposure to other industries and could not see how their product innovations could add value when applied in other ways or integrated as part of a service offering.  And some were just struggling with the usual new technology market chasms to become killer apps. Some worthy of mentions are iPolice, Prowork, Nearest Locator, Dating IVR, PriceCheck ,BuyCommonThings, Maliyo Games and a patented app/platform that helps people contact you when you are getting towed, or when your car is blocking the way when parked anywhere in Lagos or in the world. This one is a killer app for sure!

What are your conclusions, final thoughts and message to theVC4Africa community?
“Don’t miss the next meetup!”

Thanks Olisa for a great job! It’s great to see the local VC4Africa community come together like this! And many thanks to Mobile Web West Africa! Keep an eye out on VC4Africa next week for more about the Mobile Web West Africa conference!

The next VC4Africa meetup coming up will be on Friday June 28th in London, UK. Are you interested in organizing a VC4Africa meetup in your city? Pick a date and fill in the form! If not a VC4Africa member yet, join here. Happy networking!

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