New mentorship service: get matched to a business coach or a promising entrepreneur

Need advice to boost your venture? Experienced in starting companies or in a specific relevant field and want to coach a promising entrepreneur? Get involved in VC4Africa’s new Mentorship Marketplace!

As of this week entrepreneurs looking for advice to grow their business in Africa get direct access to a pool of business experts from around the world. At VC4Africa’s ‘Mentorship Marketplace’ entrepreneurs can add ‘mentor requests’ that are visible, searchable and actionable by a pool of registered mentors. Business experts experienced in starting companies or with experience in a specific relevant field can sign up as a VC4Africa Mentor and provide critical feedback to promising entrepreneurs all across Africa. Take a moment to check it out!

How does the marketplace work?

At the Mentorship Marketplace you can see requests by entrepreneurs that are still open, already matched and completed.

* Entrepreneurs with a venture published on VC4Africa can click “I am seeking a mentor” to place a request.
* The VC4Africa team screens new requests before they are published
* Are you experienced in starting companies or do you have experience in a specific relevant field? Please click “I want to be a mentor”. After being accepted you can review requests & express your interest for a mentorship match.
* The entrepreneur can accept (or politely reject) a mentor and a match is made!

After a match is made the dialogue between Mentor and Entrepreneur may take place via whichever channel is most suitable for them (email, phone, Skype, messenger, etc.).

Important: mentors who are accepted by entrepreneurs are not expected to write entire business plans, negotiate with investors or assume a management role in a company. If anyone is going to make things happen it will always be the responsibility of the entrepreneur.


The objective of the Mentorship Program is to assist promising entrepreneurs in establishing and building great companies. VC4Africa strongly believes in a peer-to-peer approach and an open culture of learning and sharing. The Mentor Marketplace draws on an international network of business experts that dedicate their time, network and expertise free of charge. When an entrepreneur faces a challenge we are convinced there are members within the VC4Africa network who have the answers and are willing to lend their insight, expertise and experience.


Entrepreneurs who have registered a venture with VC4Africa have the ability to submit a request for mentorship support. To place a request the entrepreneur has to be beyond the ‘idea phase’ and already have a good (draft) business plan and related documents, and have a clear problem, challenge or question that is well defined and measurable. The entrepreneurs should have a published VC4A venture profile, have completed the VC4A Quick Scan and uploaded the results to the documents tab on the VC4A venture profile, have published a slide deck to the VC4A venture documents tab and listed team members/advisors. (See also: VC4Africa’s Five Steps fo Fundraising.)

For entrepreneurs who are still in the early stages of researching and writing a plan, and therefore not yet ready to receive a mentor, VC4A hosts a growing number of self-help tools like business plan templates and the VC4Africa Questions & Answers service.

Both entrepreneurs and ‘mentors’ are encouraged to make use of the Mentor Marketplace. Are you looking for some feedback on your business? See if there are VC4Africa members willing to support you. Are you experienced in starting companies or do you have experience in a specific relevant field? Please sign up as a VC4Africa Mentor, and see if you are willing to accept one of the requests on the marketplace. Your questions, comments, feedback and suggestions are much appreciated; feel free to share them in the comments below!