VC4Africa meetup in London: bridging the gap between UK and Africa

Last Wednesday, members of VC4Africa came together for a VC4Africa meetup in London, UK. The next VC4Africa meetup will be next Tuesday, April 9th in Cairo, EgyptThe next VC4Africa meetup in London will be on Friday June 28thWe had a chance to catch up with London meetup organizer Michelle Scott to find out more about last week’s meetup in London. 

Please tell us something about the entrepreneurs’ and investors’ scene focused on Africa in London?

“There is definitely an urgency for entrepreneurs and investors to look into Africa. Conversations typically range between new ventures to direct sales with partners in the region. Both sides have challenges however. The entrepreneurs seek visibility of their projects, and mentorship. The investors are looking for viable ventures and opportunities to get involved with. Many experienced individuals are looking to put something back into Africa. However, all parties lack visibility of the others. This is why we encourage the VC4Africa regional meetups, as it helps in bridging the gap between the local UK markets and the assumed foreign-based African markets.”

How did the event go?

“Our meetups always tend to be well attended. We provide a platform for conversations to take place freely between investors and entrepreneurs with an African focus. They also provide a great forum for other conversations – more so debates – to take place between attendees. You never know who you’ll meet or connect with! I meet new people every time.”

Around how many people attended and what were their backgrounds?

“We had about 30 people attend this event. Great turn out, however we would like to point out to folks who register that we tend to turn people away during registration because of limited capacity. So if they do put their names down to attend, we would very much appreciate they turn up!”

Can you tell us about the most interesting person you met and why?

“I had the pleasure of speaking to a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur with Somalian roots, who got really inspired by the opportunities back in Somalia when he went out there on a visit. He is now completing his degree in Technology and is looking to develop a venture of great relevance and importance for the Somalian market.”

What are your conclusions, final thoughts and message to the VC4Africa community?

“I always enjoy the diversity of people who attend these events. Most grateful to Boakye Acheampong of Enigmatic Fotos for taking the double role of being our photographer for the evening.

I am glad that I am involved in raising the VC4Africa banner in London. We have arranged to meet again at the same venue (Cape Bar, London) on Friday June 28th!”

Thanks Michelle for a great job! It’s great to see the local VC4Africa community come together like this!

The next VC4Africa meetup coming up is next week: Tuesday, April 9th in Cairo, Egypt! Other VC4Africa meetups coming up are in Dar, Abidjan, Addis, Lagos, Abuja, Nairobi, and other placesThe next VC4Africa meetup in London will be on Friday June 28th.

Are you interested in organizing a VC4Africa meetup in your city? Pick a date and fill in the form! If not a VC4Africa member yet, join here. Happy networking!

Photos: Boakye Acheampong, Enigmatic Fotos