Optimistic about Africa’s future? What are the practical examples that inspire you?

VC4Africa member David Matsinhe is asking how we can capitalize on the optimism we see about Africa, to maximize Africa’s business development and economic growth. What are your suggestions? Please share them!

The past months we saw debates on Africa’s rise accelerating: “Africa Rising” … “The Sun Shines Bright”“The Myth of Africa’s Rise”“Sorry, but Africa’s Rise Is Real”“We Have No Idea”. At VC4Africa, the biggest and fastest growing online community connecting African entrepreneurs and investors, we invite the community to get practical. On our Questions and Answers section, where you can start and join any discussion related to doing business in Africa, VC4Africa member David Matsinhe shared:

“I’m smelling a great deal of optimism and confidence about the African continent. Can you smell it? My question: how can we galvanize this Afro-optimism to maximize business development and economic growth in Africa? How do we make it count? How we make it productive?”

The first reaction, by “Africa Mentor”:
“A prime way to convince the world press and investors that Africa has changed is by presenting them with case studies, case studies, and more case studies. They need to see that there have been investors that have partnered with young African entrepreneurs and both have made money, good money.”

The second reaction, by Hussle Mine:
“There is a new trend that a considerable number of African ventures are setting- that of solving a social problem whilst procuring economic gains. It will be of great advantage to showcase this at major business venues around the globe.”

Let’s add to this. What case studies of successful businesses, successful business deals, big returns on investment, do you see that should get more attention? Which African ventures that are solving social problems whilst procuring economic gains inspire you? What are your suggestions to capitalize the optimism we see about Africa, to maximize Africa’s business development and economic growth?

Please share your reactions here, on VC4Africa Q&A. Also feel free to add your own questions!