10 innovative African healthcare startups

Many challenges exist in the healthcare sectors in African countries. At Venture Capital for Africa, the biggest online community connecting African entrepreneurs and investors, we’ve put together a list of innovative startups with potential to change the face of African health. Check them out and follow the ones you like.

  Penda Health – Kenya – Stephanie Koczela
Penda Health is a social enterprise that provides health services designed for low and middle income women in Kenya. In 2012 Penda Health wonthe BID Network Global Entrepreneur of the Year Award. They have served 1,000 patients and are now targeting to open over fifty clinics in East Africa over the next five years. They already received nearly  $100,000 from six US and local investors to expand the business. See their VC4Africa profile >>

Ruby Cup – Kenya – Veronica Maxie Julie
Ruby Cup is a menstrual cup, an alternative menstrual hygiene product made of medical grade silicone that can be re-used up to 10 years. Ruby Cup will be sold to organisations and distributed through a network of women entrepreneurs in order to create local employment, while fostering an intimate space where women can talk to women and girls about stigmatized issues and enhance education about menstrual hygiene. See their VC4Africa profile >>

  QuaWater – South Africa – Marcel Langeslag
QuaWater develops and delivers products and projects that significantly improve the quality of people’s drinking water. QuaWater was incorporated in South Africa in 2003 and is run by a team of dedicated people with backgrounds in science, water analysis, medical practice, business, engineering, and design. “Our head office is located in Pretoria and we have regional representations in Kenya, Mozambique and Sudan”. See their VC4Africa profile >>

  MobiSure – Kenya – David Kandie
MobiSure™ is a disruptive mobile medical insurance for the poor. Families and individuals can buy insurance from as short as one day. MobiSure™ will partner with small private hospitals, clinics and also leading hospitals and hospital chains, who will be required to be registered MobiSure service providers. See their VC4Africa profile >>

  ClaimSync – Ghana – Seth Akumani
ClaimSync is an end-to-end claims processing platform that enables hospitals and other healthcare providers easily prepare medical claims and send them electronically to health insurance companies. See their VC4Africa profile >>

  Santé Africa – South Africa – Edmore Mwakutuya
Santé Africa is a mobile app connecting doctors with patients, providing education to those who seek it and offering access to medical supplies at the convenience of your home. Currently the team is running a medical supplies distribution and information technology company: SybayHealth. See their VC4Africa profile >>

  MedicRAM – Nigeria – Tosan Adams
MedicRAM (Medical Records And Management) is an innovative modular health IT solution that is intended to transform the way healthcare is managed. Hospital patients will spend less time in hospitals as a result of quicker and better access to their medical records and laboratory test. See their VC4Africa profile >>

  Mozambikes – Mozambique – Lauren Thomas
Mozambikes brings lower cost, yet higher quality bicycles to the people of Mozambique. In rural areas, bicycles allow people to access better healthcare, as they can make regular visits to providers that are often located far from their homes. In addition to providing an easier commute to their jobs, bicycles can allow people to reach further and potentially better jobs. See their VC4Africa profile >>

  Cardiopad Project – Cameroon – Himore Medical
The Cardiopad offers nurses and cardiologists an innovative methods for performing cardiac examinations and remote interpretations, through a biomedical data acquisition processing and transmission process using the mobile telephone network. See their VC4Africa profile >>

  medexperts – Nigeria  Stanley Agwuh
medexperts is an online Comunity of Practice designed for Nigerian healthcare professionals and the Nigerian Public. Healthcare experts who use medexperts can communicate, share and collaborate on the platform. It comes with great features in Basic (FREE) and premium Subscriptions. See their VC4Africa profile >>

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