Want to advance your venture? Smart entrepreneurs tap expertise from the VC4Africa Mentorship Program

Venture Capital for Africa, the biggest and fastest growing online community connecting African entrepreneurs and investors, offers the VC4Africa Mentorship Program as a key service to VC4Africa members, free of cost. Are you looking for some feedback on your business? Or do you need a second opinion or sounding board? Check out the VC4Africa Mentorship Program, and see if there are other VC4Africa members willing to support you.

The objective of the VC4Africa Mentorship Program is to assist promising entrepreneurs in establishing and building great companies. We do this by matching entrepreneurs who have questions to other VC4Africa members with more experience in starting companies or with experience in specific relevant fields. In addition, we offer a growing number of self-help tools like business plan templates and the VC4Africa Questions & Answers service.

Send in your question

Entrepreneurs who have registered a venture on the Venture Capital for Africa platform have the ability to make use of the VC4Africa Mentorship Program. When you have a question or face a challenge as an entrepreneur, just send an email to David van Dijk (david@vc4a.com), who is overseeing the mentor related activities. Requests made by entrepreneurs are screened and presented to the VC4Africa Mentors for review. The mentors can then step forward and see what can be done to help the entrepreneur take next steps.


The following requirements apply when sending in questions for the VC4Africa Mentors:

» you should be beyond the ‘idea phase’ and already have a good (draft) business plan
» you have a published VC4Africa venture profile
» you have published a slide deck to your VC4Africa venture documents tab and listed team members/advisors.
» you have completed the VC4Africa Quick Scan and uploaded the results to the documents tab on your venture profile.
» you have a clear problem, challenge or question that is well defined and measurable.

For entrepreneurs who are still in the early stages of researching and writing a plan, and therefore not yet ready to receive a mentor, VC4Africa hosts a number of self-help tools.

Important to remember: don’t expect a mentor to write your business plan, negotiate with investors, or take over your business. That is simply just not going to happen. If anyone is going to make good things happen it will always be the entrepreneur’s responsibility.

Join as a mentor

Are you experienced in starting companies or do you have experience in a specific relevant field? Then you can sign up as a VC4Africa Mentor. VC4Africa strongly believes in a peer-to-peer approach and an open culture of learning and sharing. When an entrepreneur faces a challenge we are convinced there are members within the VC4Africa network who have the answers and are willing to lend their insight, expertise and experience. Check out the present VC4Africa Mentors here. After signing up as a mentor you will receive requests via e-mail. You can choose to read the requests online, get a daily or weekly summary or receive new topics as they arrive. Once a request is posted, it is up to you to step forward with a response or not. To sign up as a Mentor please follow the link ‘Request Membership’ on the VC4Africa Mentorship Program page.

For more information, see the VC4Africa Mentorship Program page or get in touch with David van Dijk. Not a VC4Africa member yet? Create an account for free.