Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios del Uruguay (AJE)

More and better entrepreneurs


The Young Entrepreneurs Association of Uruguay (AJE) is a non-profit organization that seeks to help build, drive and strengthen our country’s new generation of entrepreneurs.


  • Promoting the creation of young entrepreneurs who are responsible for the environment and who are encouraged to innovate in management and business leadership practices.
  • Facilitating access to contact networks at both national and international levels.
  • Representing the interests of young entrepreneurs to the government and others

To be a national and independent association concerning the development, motivation and consolidation of young entrepreneurs.


Being an organization of national and international relevance that motivates the generation and development of entrepreneurs committed to social and economic transformation through their business activity.



We are an organization that works with righteousness and attachment to our values.


We encourage our partners to continue to grow, learn, and on a path of continuous improvement in both the business and personal areas.


We are a model organization in terms of the transparent functioning of our economy, administration and general activity.


We act on our convictions by taking responsibility for meeting objectives for our partners, work team and society in general understanding that it is the way to grow together.


We work every day so that every initiative that emerges from the AJE is of high value to the partner and to society.


Uruguay comes up in 2006, made up of a group of people interested in creating a union space for young Uruguayan entrepreneurs. The first directive was presided over by Maria Monica del Campo, and for the launch was attended by the accountant Enrique Iglesias, at that time President of the IDB.

Over the years, different directives have been going on that have managed to keep the institution alive and have communicated the interests of hundreds of young local entrepreneurs. The rest of the story is to be written and it is the responsibility of all who want to join and support the growth of the Young Entrepreneurs Association.


. It is integrated by people who, in an exclusive way, meet this requirement: to feel like COMÍCAS. People who are willing to talk about their experience, their successes and their failures, their difficulties, their joys. People who make their links and contacts available. People who are willing to give, more to receive. If you are one of these people, it will be a pleasure for you to be part of the AJE.

Being a partner of the AJE will make you a creditor of benefits such as: being part of an international community, being part of the Community of Partners, accessing our Programs (One to One, Green Pass, GADE Groups), having discounts on specific activities and services, as well as being able to attend all the events organized by the AJE (Breakfasts, Panels, Afters, others).

We currently have different types of memberships being able to be through an annual payment made by CobrosYa or deposit in Scotiabank, so as also monthly with VISA card. Don’t hesitate to consult for any of them and we expect you to join our community!

Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios del Uruguay (AJE)

Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios del Uruguay (AJE)


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