AI Expo Africa

Building an AI Powered Future For Africa

AI Media PTY Ltd are the curators of AI Expo Africa, the largest B2B trade focused Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Community in Africa.   

With 4000+ members and 2000+ registered delegates, AI Expo Africa is now entering its 4th successful year and the team are always striving to grow the offerings, insights and opportunities for our members, delegates, sponsors and partners across the Africa region.


Back in 2017 we identified there were no business / trade focused AI events in Africa.  Many events were either deeply technical, exclusive or just simply beyond the reach of most non-technical people because of cost, knowledge or societal constraints. This lead to the creation of AI Expo Africa that was first run in 2018.  The event model we created was a massive success and helped us identify some of the key challenges and needs of the 4IR community in Africa.

We also believe the tech media industry is changing and traditional event model is broken. All stakeholders want value from events beyond the “selling space model” and “pay to play” news models of old. We are leveraging new formats and platforms to communicate the business opportunity in the African AI & Data Science landscape for entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders and corporates. We make our content accessible across the whole of Africa by removing price and knowledge barriers to content, creating new event formats and sharing the fastest growing business opportunity across the continent with our community.


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Targets Africa
Sectors Artificial intelligence, EdTech, HealthTech, Information technology